Host family program

Become a host family

Thanks to “Bienvenue chez nous” American families welcome a student from France, usually aged 12-18, for 2-4 weeks during the school holidays. 

Host families are volunteers who open their house to a student as a new family member. They provide accommodation, food and involve the student in family activities, events, and celebrations. 

Visiting students come to practice and improve their English and get a first hand experience of the American culture and way of life. 

Why should my family participate?

Becoming a host family is easy, simple and rewarding for those who are open to the world and curious about other cultures and languages. Hosting an international student is an amazing opportunity to learn, share and give your family a global perspective. 

How does it work?

The match making process between host families and students is made through our online platform Guestbook. Here are the three simple steps to create the perfect match:

  1. Host families enroll on Guestbook. They create an account and complete their profile with information about who they are, where they live, how many children they have, what their hobbies are etc. They can upload photos and videos and  mention when they are available to host a student. 

  2. Student from France use the Guestbook search engine to find a host family. Various search criteria  are available to find the perfect family. Then they apply for their preferred family.

  3. After validation from the representative of La Route des langues in Los Angeles, the family receives the application from the French student. If the family thinks it is a good match, they accept the application and the matching is complete!

La Route des langues provides students and families with a comprehensive support throughout the process: insurance and liability, technical support on the Guestbook platform, 24/24 7/7 assistance in case of questions or emergency during the student's stay in the family, Covid-related requirements.

What is la Route des Langues?

A premium brand of APEX Education Group, La Route des Langues is a leading French company with a 25+ years of experience in exclusive international language programs.  We send more than 1500 students worldwide every year and we pride ourselves for offering the best international experience in the market.